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The Bindu Breath Awakening technique was developed by Luna Agneya in 2022. Luna's journey involved extensive exploration of various breathwork modalities and dedicated practice of Tantric Yoga for over five years.

While Luna experienced profound healing through breathwork, she also recognized that certain intensive techniques promoted by some schools, even those considered "trauma-informed," could be overwhelming for individuals with open energy bodies. Consistently engaging in cathartic breathwork for extended periods sometimes diverted her from deeper aspects of her inner experience and led to post-practice collapse and increased bodily tension.

After training in the Tantric Pulsation style of breathwork, which involved three waves of breathing, Luna discovered an approach more suitable for sensitive nervous systems and open energy bodies.

During a breath process, the transmission of the Bindu Breath Awakening spontaneously emerged, and subsequent trials with friends and students yielded remarkable results. Many reported it as the most empowering breathwork they had ever experienced, thus giving birth to the Bindu Breath Awakening.



This method gradually intensifies while allowing ample time for integration, reflection, and breath-holds. Breath-holds hold physiological benefits and hold spiritual significance in Tantric Yoga, providing a void space to explore our relationship with life and death, known as kumbaka.

The emphasis on the three bindus allows for a holistic approach to breathwork, encompassing consciousness, emotions, and orgasmic energy. Throughout the sessions, participants are guided to explore different energy centers and understand how directing breath to these spaces can deepen their connection with their inherent divinity.

Students often report significant experiences such as full-body energy orgasms, profound realizations, a sense of aliveness, nourishment, and enhanced embodiment.

The Bindu Breath Awakening is an esoteric style of breathwork best suited for practitioners of yoga and meditation. It engages with the subtle body and explores spiritual concepts such as the central channel (sushumna nadi), nonduality, kundalini, bandhas, and the pulsation of life force within us. Prior experience with breathwork is not required.

The technique offers both simple and more complex options, accommodating practitioners' preferences. These options include incorporating bandhas, mantras, and visualizations or focusing solely on breath and intention. The method can be practiced individually, in partnerships as a witness or space holder, and as an intimate practice for couples.

Feel free to explore our free home practice, which is ideal for incorporating conscious breath into your daily life. Alternatively, you can join one of our events for a comprehensive experience

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