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Bindu Breath Awakening Facilitator Training

Become a certified breathwork facilitator, guiding the BBA method.

A 9 full days of in-person breathwork training, plus online content.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

September 14-25


Master the Method

The Bindu Breath Awakening method is a completely unique form of breathwork, combining Tantric inner yoga techniques with modern transformational breathwork. In the training, you'll master the process and learn about not just the practice but the philosophies and elements of it. 


Support Liberation

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful practice that can create deep healing, unleash peoples inner aliveness and support their journey towards liberation. 

You'll not only undergo your own personal process but be able to offer this gift to others

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Guide with Confidence

You'll be trained in the Art of Facilitation as well as the method. So much of being a great facilitator is about expanding the capacity of your nervous system to hold more charge, the ability to attune deeply to others and the ability to trust your inner guidance as you drop into the field. 


A holistic approach to breathwork

For embodied liberation

The Bindu Breath Awakening method is different to other styles of breathwork because it works with the 3 primary energy centres, also called 'Bindus' in the Tantric traditions. 

The Upper Bindu is related to consciousness, or our Shiva, formless nature. We begin with this center and bring in yogic presence to our breath practice.

The Heart Bindu is the space of emotions and our sacred aliveness through feeling and connecting. Here we allow emotional alchemy and expression in a somatic and trauma-informed way that doesn't overload the nervous system and allows for our hearts to open deeply. 

Finally, the Red Bindu is the lower center- our sexuality, sensuality and embodiment. We bring in pleasure, joy and sensuality here and invite the passionate flavour of aliveness to turn the process into a celebration at the joy of being a human in a body. The process often induces full body energy orgasms and experiences of deep embodied bliss and power.

And it's not just about the process- we bring in embodied NonDual philosophy and prompts that invite the practitioner deeper into their journey.

We also use breath-holds and pauses to integrate as we go, finding so much of the practice is in those still moments between the breath. 

Our students leave feeling more alive, empowered, connected to their pleasure and having digested more of their experience which leads to more freedom in their life. 

The Training

The training will happen over 11 days (with 2 days of break) where you will join us at our shala in Srithanu to study and practice. 

You will be responsible for your own accommodation and meals during this time. This is a non-residential training so you will just spend the days with us over the course. 

Each day, the times are approximately as follows (with variation on some days) :

9am-1pm- Meditation and Theory

1pm-4pm - Lunch break

4pm-7pm- Practice, embodiment processes and guiding/facilitation skills

Some evenings we may go out as a group to dance events, saunas and other offers on the island (additional costs for these outings!)

Here is a breakdown of the focus for each of the days we have during the training. 

Day 1- Welcome, foundations, the process and your first full session

Day 2- Breaking down the techniques and instructions. Learn to guide the shorter 'daily practice'

Day 3- Upper Bindu focus


Day 4- Heart Bindu focus

Day 5- Red Bindu focus

Day 6- Partnered process


Day 7- Intimacy practice

Day 8- Safety and trauma awareness, ethics, situation management

Day 9- Practice assessments and graduation


The Location

Koh Phangan, Thailand

The training will be held at Sati Yoga on Koh Phangan, in 'Srithanu'. It's a beautiful large and open shala surrounded by nature.

Koh Phangan is a famous tropical island, sometimes nicknamed 'Tantra Island'

The location is in the heart of the wellness side of the island and nearby the famous nude beach 'Zen Beach' - close to many healthy and delicious restaurants

You will find many types of accommodation around the area, from beautiful hotels to cheap bungalows by the beach. There is not much in the way of taxis or transport so you'll need to either rent a scooter or a car. There are slow '3 wheeler' electric scooters if you're not confident driving one which are a safer option.

In this training, you'll receive

  • An understanding of Breathwork and Pranayama, how it affects the body and nervous system

  • An understanding of the Bindu Breath Awakening method

  • Facilitation skills and Situation Management skills incase issues arise

  • Trauma-informed best practices

  • Space-holding skills and co-regulation tools to support your students

  • De-armouring techniques to support releasing emotional and energetic blocks

  • Tantric philosophy education

  • Additional practices and tools that work well with the breathwork process to add to workshops and events

  • Your own healing and exploration through practicing the method

  • A workbook with the method, educational material, workshop outlines and more

  • A simple business online module plus optional discount for a longer business/marketing course and other 'Evolving Eros' courses

  • On graduation- Access to Bindu Breathwork marketing materials and option to be listed on our website

  • Potential to co-teach with us and be part of our retreats and events.


If you're looking to do a professional training like this, it is required that you have experience with both Tantra/Yoga and Breathwork.

Before attending this training, you should have a minimum level of understanding of these topics

  • Have practiced yogic techniques like asana, pranayama, meditation etc. Having at least a month of experience in yoga classes and having at least a basic awareness of concepts like chakras and kundalini

  • Have experienced breathwork before (eg shamanic breathwork, biodynamic, holotropic etc, either in 1:1 or group settings) 

  • At least a basic awareness of Tantra as a path. You can look at our resources, listen to our podcast episodes and read our blogs as a start. 

  • Have been on your spiritual journey for at least a few years, attending wellness events and doing personal development work, shadow work etc. Being a good facilitator is mostly about embodying this work and having done your own inner practice, more than the tools you learn. Shadowwork, meditation and inquiry practices will go very far on your path to be able to hold space for processes like this with integrity and awareness. 


Ways you can teach the method



A Short daily practice to add to any other workshop or event.

This will be 20-30 minutes and gives people a taste of the method without going into a very intense/deep process

This is ideal to add to any yoga class or workshop



Offer private breathwork sessions with clients who want to go deep into their inner landscape with personalised guidance. You can customize the process to best suit their needs.

Usually sessions are 2 hours but can be longer if you bring in coaching or other practices. You can create packages for people to return and have multiple sessions with you



The most common way to offer this process is in a group journey, where a group come in together, learn the method and you guide them all together. This usually takes 2 hours with the demo and integration after. 

You'll start with small groups, and need an assistent for groups larger than 10 people 



This process is where you split the group in half and everyone practices to sit for a partner as they go through the process, and recieve that support too. The sitters learn basic space holding and some simple de-armouring/pressure points that can support the reciever as they breathe.

Usually you need at least 4 hours to run this way, if not 5.



This method can also be done as an intimacy practice for couples and lovers. The couple will be in connection as they breathe and connect their bindu centers. This is a very powerful practice that can be deeply healing and empowering, and it's recommended only to guide between people who attend the event together. 
Practice takes about 1.5 hours with intro and integration. 



Since you'll be learning additional practices that work with each bindu, you could run a series or single event focused on each Bindu center. For example a whole workshop on the heart bindu with emotional alchemy practices and authentic relating. 
If you have a regular community you could then do a 4 week series with one week on each bindu then the full process on the 4th week. 



Once you have a lot of experience guiding sessions and immersions with the method, you could run retreats where you combine the practices and nature immersion or collaborate with other facilitators or yoga teachers. Having concentrated time to work on this method can be incredibly powerful for the participants, but requires a lot more expertise and capacity as a facilitator. You should be facilitating regularly for at least 1-2 years before moving to running retreats. 

How much can you charge?

The prices you charge will depend on a variety of factors

* Your skill level as a facilitator
​* The area you live and demographic you serve
* The number of participants you want to have
* The location you use
* How much you WANT to be teaching

It's common to earn between €/$200-1000 for a regular workshop session, and more for half or full day experiences. 
You'll learn how to price your work fairly and create a thriving business for yourself


How much does the training cost?

As this is our first training of this kind (though our team have run multiple other facilitator trainings before), and we want to make it accessible to Yogis/Yoginis who are drawn to the more spiritual aspect of teaching, we want to make the price accessible and affordable with a great ROI (return on investment)

Even online and pre-recorded, most breathwork trainings are often between $4,000-$10,000, and even more for in-person trainings. We are offering our BBA training at a price that is fair for our team and is affordable for our students.

The first training is the cheapest, as we will be desiring your feedback on the content and your grace as we fine-tune aspects of the training. This also gives you a great opportunity to collaborate with us for future facilitator trainings and being involved with the Bindu Breath Awakening method's journey. 


  • 9 full days of in-person training (with breaks between for integration)

  • Online course area with resources, recordings, additional training elements and business/marketing components to complete in your own time. 

  • Reading list, recommended to start before the training.

  • If you graduate successfully, you will be able to use the Bindu Breath Awakening name, graphics and workshop plans. 

  • You'll recieve a training booklet with the guidance information, workshop plans and more. 



EARLYBIRD Until August 1st

€2,200 per person. (around 87,000 THB)


€2,600 per person. (around 102,800 THB)

Payment plans available.

Not included in the price

  • Accommodation (There are many airbnb's, hotels and guest houses in the area!)

  • Food (light snacks and tea will be included most days but not full meals. You have a 3 hr lunch break) 

  • Flights


Deposit of €500 is required to book in your spot, or jump on a payment plan with us.

Pay here or by bank transfer

50% of full payment is due 30 days before the training begins. 

The final amount is due at the start of the training.


Cancel more than 30 days before training: 80% refund on deposit

Cancel more than 14 days before: 60% refund on total paid. 

Cancel after that: 30% refund on total paid. 


Partial scholarships available for Thai nationals and people with disability/financial struggles available.

Please contact Luna (


Luna Agneya

Luna Agneya (She/ They)

Sensual Artistry  | Sensual Arts School | Liberating Love Collective | Evolving Eros


Luna is the Headmistress of the Sensual Arts School, a seasoned Tantrika, Sensualist, Ritualist, and Creatrix with over a decade of experience in the realms of conscious sexuality.

As a global facilitator of retreats and workshops, Luna is dedicated to creating trauma-informed, sacred spaces for exploring the erotic and fostering connection with a Queer and Kink friendly lens.

Her expertise spans Somatic embodiment, Tantric Yoga, and Sacred Sexuality, crafting liberating, healing, and empowering experiences for participants worldwide. Luna's diverse certifications and trainings include VITA Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching, yoga instruction, breathwork, and Transformational Facilitation and Somatic Shadow Work facilitation. Committed to continuous growth, Luna has immersed herself in the study of NonDual Shaiva Tantra since 2019. As both a teacher and practitioner, she embodies the principles of Embodied Liberation, living as a devotee of Love and Sensuality.

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Triss Tashi 

Facilitator, Business & Transformational Embodiment Coach

With over six years dedicated to exploring neotantra and sacred sexuality, Triss Tashi has committed deeply to the spiritual dimensions of intimacy and connection. A lifelong spiritual seeker and devoted tantrika, he holds a postgraduate degree and boasts extensive experience in digital marketing, business management, team, and project management.

Triss has successfully led both organizational and entrepreneurial teams, applying his business acumen to develop successful strategies and practices. For the past three years, he has traveled the world facilitating workshops and retreats that integrate sacred sexuality principles with personal transformation, focusing on healing through relationships, and the importance of pleasure and play in personal growth.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Triss is a passionate communicator with a knack for improv comedy, bringing humor and lightness to his deep work. His love for music and DJing not only enriches his personal life but also permeates his facilitation style, creating dynamic, engaging, and immersive experiences.

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Get to know us more

Discernment when entering into a deep-dive training like this is so important, and we want to make sure that people joining us are aligned with our style of teaching, our values and approaches. 

While the Bindu Breath Awakening method doesn't have a lot of videos or content right now, we have a tonne of free podcasts, blogs and offerings through the Sensual Arts School 

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