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The 3 bindus are the 3 essence points of our being.

They correspond to the essential elements of manifestation and can be gateways to our divine nature. This concept comes from Tantrik Yoga but corresponds with teachings in other spiritual paths too (like the Dantians or 3 drops) 

The Bindu Breath Awakening is a journey through the 3 centres, utilising the power of breath to awaken these centres, inviting exploration into the different power centres and enlivening our whole being. 



Upper Bindu

Shiva | Consciousness | Presence

The gateway of awakening to your formless nature.

The upper bindu is the space of expansive, loving awareness where we can merge into the infinite and bare witness all of life without needing to change a thing.

Heart Bindu

Shakti | Energy | Interconnection 

The gateway of awakening into the aliveness of life

The heart bindu is the space of energy, emotion, compassion and connection. It's where we honour the sacredness of our human expression, our love, our vulnerability and our truth. We welcome it all and open to life.

Lower Bindu

Embodiment | Sexuality | Passion

The gateway of embodied orgasmic bliss

The lower bindu is the space of sexuality, passion and pleasure. It's where we feel connected and rooted to our primal embodied nature, where we access the pulsation of aliveness within us and tap into the orgasmic current of the universe.






Tantric Yoga offers a profound understanding of the inner realms by exploring multiple layers of the self.

It introduces yogic techniques that awaken deeper states of consciousness, alleviate suffering, and activate the kundalini life force, leading to spiritual awakening.

This unique approach combines traditional yogic practices with modern transformational breathwork, resulting in a powerful and holistic modality for integrated awakening and liberation. It stands apart from other breathwork methods, offering a distinct experience that is ideal for spiritual practitioners.

One notable aspect is its consideration for the nervous system. Unlike other breathwork modalities, Bindu Breath Awakening takes into account individuals undergoing "kundalini awakening" and those with sensitive and open energy bodies. By working with three 'waves' and breath holds, inspired by the three bindus, different aspects of our being are accessed, allowing for integration, cultivation of awareness, and offering a balanced blend of intensity and stillness.

The practice can be incorporated into a short daily routine, an extended group session, or as a partnered practice with a space holder and breather (known as Shiva and Shakti, respectively) or even as a couples intimacy practice for yogic intimacy. 

"I found the breath work session deeply moving. It took me on a journey and at the end of it I had a clear vision of an entity that seemed to bless me.

Luna’s and Tristen’s care and attention to detail created a comfortable safe environment that allowed me to really explore the full experience. "


"Thank you Luna, I feel so much love for you as a a result of your Bindu Breath Process. I felt a tenderness in my heart for the first time and I’m going to carry this love forward.

Also I realized experientially, I AM the source of my pleasure; as well as, for the first time, a FULL body orgasm  without physical intercourse or touch self pleasure. WOW!"

JP Richards


Explore our unique modality and awaken your inner fire, expand you consciousness and access the orgasmic aliveness of your true being.

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